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Simple, Easy, Smart way to retouch your Photos

FantaPhoto is a brand new photo processing software developed by IconCool Team. Featured with Simple, Easy, Smart and Lovely Interface, you can add many fantastic effects to your photo in a minute, foster photo quality for your photo collection, publishing, and uploading to web.

1. Red-eye Removal

This is a useful photo correction tool. With this function, you can easily remove or revamp the common red-eye effect from your digital photo.

2.Measure Tool

This new function can precisely calculate the distance between any two points in an image. It’s an easy way to measure the distance from starting point to ending point you specified. With this function you can get the full details about the starting location (X and Y), the horizontal (W) and vertical (H) distances from X axes and Y axes, the measured angle (A), and total distance from X to Y (D1). Also it allows you to set the unit of measure in Pixels, inches and centimeters.

3. Partial Adjustment

This new function can let you apply some visible common effects to specified part on your current photo. With this function, you can make the following special effects to the selected part on your photo

Mosaic: You can apply Mosaic effect to your selected part of the photo.

Random Ripple: You can apply random ripple effect to your selected part of the photo.

Blur: You can apply Blur effect to your selected part of the photo.

Illusion: You can apply illusion effect to your selected part of the photo.

Remove red-eye: You can remove red-eye effect from the selected part of the photo.

4. Effects Adjust Easily

Without using the complex and professional parameter adjusting, you can bring new looks to your photo through the ready-to-use effects such as Add light, Reduce light, Much Whiter and Lambency. All these effects FantaPhoto offers choose the optimized value as parameters so that just a few clickings on your mouse can complete all the processing quickly.

5. Photo Changing Freely

Useful functions are available in FantaPhoto even though complicate image changing controls are not included. FantaPhoto allows you freely to rotate, transform and resize your photos as well as powerful crop function.

6. Wonderful and Abundant Photo Decoration

FantaPhoto decorates your photos via adding frame, pasting pictures and watermark ready-to-use abundant styles with the lovely and diverse feature for variety of publishing such as web, MSN status photo.

7. Simple Professional Adjustment.

FantaPhoto chooses the common use controls and options for you to give a little setting for the professional effects. The visible processing gives visual effects show.

8. Powerful Batch Processing

FantaPhoto helps you out when processing hundreds of photos via batch processing. Batch processing can support pasting pictures, resizing and watermark.

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