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How can I upgrade my IconCool products?
I am a registered user, how can I get the latest upgrade information?
I paid for the registration. Now, 24 hours later, I still haven't received my registration code. Why?
Is it necessary to buy the CD?
After more than one day I still haven't get my reg information, what should I do?
What are the IconCool refund policy?
Why didn't I get your reply after sending you a Feedback Email?

Product FAQ

IconCool Studio

Does IconCool Studio 7 support Vista OS and create Vista icons?
How to create a Vista icon?
What is Photoshop Plug-in and how to use it in IconCool Studio 7?
How to extract an icon from an external file ad edit/replace it?
How to create an icon with different states?
How to import an image to IconCool Studio 7?
How to create and manage a new gradient?
How to create an animated .ANI file by Ani Editor?
How to create a .CUR file?

IconCool Editor

How do I capture image from the desktop or other software?
How do I convert an image file to an icon?
How do I desgin a small image for web application?
How do I export all the ten icons to a single ICL(icon library) file?
How do I make an icon transparent?
How do I convert a true colors icon to a 256-color icon?
How do I load more than one icons at one time?
How do I create a Multi-Format / Multi-Resolution Icon?
How do I customize the second color by entering an RGB value?

Grachics Converter Pro

How do I convert a group of files?
How do I convert only a part of an Import Image?
How do I capture an image from some other software to convert it?
How do I automate my conversions by command line or a batch file?


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