30-Day Money Back

30-day money-back guarantee

We want you to feel confident about your purchase of any software products from IconCool. That's why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee .

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Our customer support will solve your problems within 24 hours such as downloading, trial version use, purchase, discount, upgrade and refund etc. Please enter support center and contact us, we will help you immediately.

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An excellent software which supports more graphics formats than others I have used.Meanwhile, the prameters are as many as we can select.

- Johannes_Brits (soft32.com)

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How to use IconCool software? Why to register IconCool software? and rich related knowledges.



Here's what you get:
  • Obtain the registration codes to enable all functions
  • Update to the latest full-working versions
  • Lifetime License! Never pay again for any new versions
  • 1000 Royalty-free elements for IconCool Mixer(IconCool Studio Pro only)
  • 2000 Multi-format Royalty-Free icons(IconCool Studio Pro only)
  • Notifications of main upgrade release and new Registration Codes, FREE of charge
  • Lifetime technical support
  • No time limit on usag.
  • No annoying registration notices
  • Finally, your registering will inspire us to improve these programs and continue to develop more and higher quality products in the future!
    If you want to order multi-license for commercial usage, please goto:
    IconCool Software - Volume License Pack

All the products run on Windows OS, they support Window 11,10,8,7 and Vista. IconCool Studio Pro/NFT needs to be run as an Administrator.

Software ID Price
icon IconCool Studio for NFT 301019726 $199.95 $59.99
icon IconCool Studio Pro 300922849 $49.95 $39.95
icon ImageCool Converter Pro 300922882 $39.95 $29.95
icon PDFCool Edit Pro 301034588 $49.95 $39.95
icon PDFCool Studio 300922883 $39.95 $29.95
icon Graphics Converter Pro 300942538 $59.95 $49.95

Currently we offer following discounts on bundled products:

Software ID Price
icon + icon new PDFCool Studio + PDFCool Edit Pro (1 Year) 301035239
$69.95 $39
icon + icon IconCool Studio Pro + ImageCool Converter Pro 300922865
$59.95 $49
icon + icon IconCool Studio Pro + Graphics Converter Pro 300922854
$99.95 $59
icon + icon PDFCool Studio + Graphics Converter Pro 300922857
$79.95 $59
icon + icon + icon IconCool Studio Pro + PDFCool Studio + ImageCool Converter 300922867
$99.95 $59
icon + icon + icon+ ... IconCool Studio Pro +PDFCool Studio +Graphics Converter Pro +Any 2 Any 300922861
$515 $69
If you want to order multi-license for commercial usage, please goto:
IconCool Software - Volume License Pack

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