How to Create & Sell NFT Art ?

In 2021, there are many legendary stories about NFTs. Someone sold an ordinary NFT art and made a profit of tens of thousands of dollars, and some special ones were even auctioned for millions.

What we want to tell you today is that you don't have to be an artist, nor PhotoShop or Corel Draw professionals, to create and sell NFT avatars or artworks.

With our IconCool Studio Pro software you can easily create works similar to these expensive NFT artworks below.


This group of NFT avatars called CryptoPunks has a minimum listing price of more than $1 million.

This CryptoPunks #82 avatar waslisted for a staggering 4434 Ethereum ($13.35 million).

This group of avatars named BoredApe (boring ape) has a minimum price of more than a dozen Ethereum, which is at least 20 times higher than the initial price. The community is very active and many people use these avatars, of whom the most famous one is Steven Curry.

NBA star Steven Curry used the NFT avatar of BoredApe.

What is the value of an NFT avatar? In fact, its value is notsimple as an avatar, it represents the organic combination of identity, entertainment and financial attributes. NFT avatars have become a symbol of wealth in a meta-universe world. People who own these avatars meant to demonstrate their virtual world identities. It is an signal for the growth potential of the meta-universe.

Our software IconCool Studio Pro allows non-professionals to create unique logos, icons and NFT avatars etc.

As for the tokenization and marketing of NFT works, many platforms like OpenSea have made this process very simple, and anyone can sell their legally owned artworks.


If you know some art fundamentals, you can use IconCool Studio Pro to create these beautiful works as follows.

Even if you don't know any about art, or have no prior experience of using PhotoShop, you can still use IconCool Studio Pro to create the following works easily.

IconCool Mixer is a tool which is built in IconCool Studio Pro, it provides users who are not design specialists with a quick mechanism for creating world-class, professional icons. You can also, without having extensive graphic design training, create unique icons based on 1000 image elements provided by us. For more details, please visit IconCool Studio

These works were made by engineers and administrative staff of IconCool team using IconCool Studio. They may be the same as you, who didn’t learn art before.

Today, if you want to master NFT creation and sell it for profit, you can simply try these steps:

A) Download IconCool Studio for NFT you have two options:
a. Download from Ms Store
b. Download from our Homepage

B) Use the unique built-in IconCool Mixer tool and more than 1000 assets within the software to create your avatar or other works.

C) Click the "Submit" button start to submit works to the world's largest NFT marketplace, just fill the table and click "FINISH" button.



Note: if you have purchased IconCool Studio for NFT, we will also provide extra support on the following:
a) If you need help to create accounts on platforms such as Open Sea to sell your works
b) If you want to entrust us to help sell your NFT arts under the official IconCool account
c) If you want to be the founder of IconCool NFT Art community
d) If you want us to buy your works directly (our purchase price is between $10 to $299, we are very interested in the following styles of works:)

These works were created by IconCool team members with the help of IconCool software.

Please send an email to (use the subject "I need IconCool help"), please specify your needs.

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