How to make your "Pixel Style" NFT avatar with photos?

IconCool Studio Pro is an easy-to-use tool for efficient "Pixel Style" NFT avatar design. Even if you don't know any about art, or have no prior experience of using PhotoShop, you can still use IconCool Studio Pro to create the NFT artworks easily, please follow the steps:

Step 1:

Prepare a photo of you, preferably smaller than 1000X1000 pixels;

Step 2:

Start IconCool Studio Pro;
Choose Main Menu "File->Import ..."

Step 3:

Choose you photo for import;
Use the mouse to select the most appropriate area;
then click "Next";

Step 4:

Choose "Color > True Colors";
Choose "Size > " as many sizes as possible;
click "OK"

Step 5:

You will find that avatars with several sizes have been created and listed in the editing area;

Step 6:

Choose a format, you can choose the format used by CryptoPunks 24x24;
Choose Main Menu "File->Save as "Pixel Styple" Art Image..."



Now that you have your pixel style avatar, you can directly use it as your Facebook, Twitter and Tiktok account logo. You can also mint and sell it in the NFT market. How to mint NFT is not the focus of this article, you can use the following link to learn about it.

If You’re Not an Artist, How to Create & Sell NFT Art?

How to make and sell your "Pixel Style" NFT arts with IconCool?

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